2017. Photo by Emma Taylor.

2017. Photo by Emma Taylor.

Senior year. It’s the highest on the totem pole of the social structure that is high school. Juniors. it’s time to step up and become the role models for the younger Wolverines.

Senior year. It’s a year to have fun and make memories while staying true to the person who you’ve worked so hard to become.

Senior year. It’s the last time to go to all the football games and dress crazy for spirit days.

Senior year. It may feel like the year will drag on forever but it’ll be over in the blink of an eye.

Senior year. It’s no time to slack off and put off school. These last 365 days still count for something.

Senior year. It’s the time to be nice to those who raised you-- one day soon they won’t be this close.

Senior year. It’s time to spend as much time as possible with your friends.

Senior year. This is it. Class of 2017, these are our last couple months of living in Parker before we are given the freedom to break free and explore this gigantic world. Make the most of this year, and make yourself known. As we approach the end of our high school career and leave Chaparral we are given one last chance to leave our mark on the school. Let’s make this last year one to never forget!

By Emma Taylor