Geocaching involves searching for hidden objects and logging discoveries. Photos by Jacquelin Closs.

Exploring, locating, and discovering. The process of Geocaching is left unfamiliar to most. Yet it can become an every weekend activity for some. Downloading the free Geocaching app is the first step in beginning a lifelong adventure. There is an abundance of cleverly hidden treasures throughout the community just waiting to be unearthed.

The geocaching app provides a set of tools to locate each unique cache and unleash one’s inner wilderness-esque. Hints, coordinates, and a compass with help lead the way to the mystery container. Most containers will include several items left from past geocachers to take as a souvenir and a signature book to leave a mark. Make sure you don't head out empty handed, it is geocaching etiquette to leave a item for the next hunter to discover.

Nobody is left out of the geocaching lifestyle; people of all ages can join in on the fun! This activity can be the perfect family outing, first date, or just a pastime. Whether out of state or at one’s local park, caching locations are everywhere and new ones are always being created.

Even if geocaching becomes an everyday phenomenon or a one time quest. The opportunity to discover will always be waiting. Look within the community to uncover all of the endless caches.  The possibility lies solely in a single app download.

By Anna Wilmore and Jacquelin Closs