Healthy eating is a significant part of the vegan lifestyle. Photo by Ayla Main.

Healthy eating is a significant part of the vegan lifestyle. Photo by Ayla Main.

On social media, anyone can expose their followers to the food they choose to eat. Digital platforms also shape what's considered as a “fad” diet. The vegan lifestyle is suddenly becoming more popular. The debate between the two sides (vegan vs. non-vegan) goes hand-in-hand with the rise in number of people becoming vegan.

The vegan lifestyle consists of not consuming or using by-products of animals. Whether it's meat, dairy, or fur coats, vegans stay away from them. Some of the main reasons some turn vegan are ethics, for the environment, and and for health.

The debate is often held between vegan activists that thrive on educating others on why becoming vegan is the best for the world, no matter what method they use. Non-vegans can also mock plant-based people for their choices using comments such as, “What do you even eat?” or, “I like meat. I could never go without it.” It’s important to remember not to harshly judge how others eat. This debate can often become very brutal and unnecessary.

One specific vegan, “Freelee the Banana girl,” uses social media, especially YouTube, to try and educate others about the lifestyle. Her methods tend to be more harsh and she tries to call out celebrities who aren't promoting a plant based diet. Many other non-vegans, and even vegans themselves, consider her methods unnecessary and damaging to the vegan image.

The debate between what humans should eat is still ongoing and there's no clear diet/lifestyle that is the healthiest. Humans should become more aware of certain diets that could better their health and support ethical reasons, like going vegan. Many vegans spread their message because numerous people aren't aware of the benefits of switching to the lifestyle and what that includes.

If someone decides to change the way they eat, it's important to support their decisions or not worry about it, instead of commenting on something that one might not be knowledgeable about. No matter what the next “fad” diet/lifestyle becomes and whether this new way of eating is healthy, remember to eat the right amount of calories and what truly makes one’s body feel good.

By Ayla Main