Believe it or not, some things have changed around Chaparral in the past 4 years. The seniors were once freshman, but their freshman year was different.  

With all the young freshman walking around the halls now, no one really thinks of when the seniors were freshman. 2013 was a new year for the incoming freshman: the start of the best or worst 4 years of their life. “I didn’t feel prepared going into high school but I quickly figured it out and feel a lot different about it now,” said freshman Courtney Hull. 

Chaparral Family wasn’t as ‘advertised’ as it is now and upper and underclassman weren’t as mixed. Chaparral has also continuously been doing various activities such as sources of strength to help. Now, the freshman agree on one thing, that they still don’t feel prepared coming out of middle school. However, they get involved in sports and clubs then warm up to the school. “I think more freshman have been getting involved in things and I think the idea of ‘Chap Fam’ has been expanded a lot more which is really cool,” said senior Aleah Hyvonen.

    Overall, Chaparral and its students are turning into something more than just a school, we are turning into a family. We can all agree that the school has changed quite a bit over the past years but it is for the better of the students and school.

By: Aubrey Bowlus

 Photo by Aubrey Bowlus

Photo by Aubrey Bowlus