PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: High School students across the nation are becoming increasingly ill with an extreme disease! Students are losing their passion and will to attend and participate in school. Students can be seen coming to school with uncompleted homework and unbrushed hair. Mostly seen in seniors, this disease is beginning to contaminate some students in their freshman year. The older a student becomes the more ill they seem to get. This disease is becoming out of hand and needs to be stopped... They call it “SENIORITIS!”

While senioritis isn't a real disease that students can get, it’s obvious to see that as the years of high school begin to dwindle away, students tend to become less inspired to learn and get involved with school activities.

Personally I know that it can be hard to push through to the end. After I got accepted into my dream college, I suddenly lost any last remaining effort I had to give. As I slowly watched all my grades begin to slip, I realized that this year still counts. The work, or lack of work, you do now still reflects on all the hard work you’ve done throughout high school.

If you feel as though you are contracting this disease, seek academic attention immediately! With hard work and dedication, together we can end senioritis.

by Emma Taylor

 photo by Emma Taylor

photo by Emma Taylor

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