Every year, the student body faces the daunting task of selecting their courses for the following year. But don’t fret, this year can be easy. Many students decide to take the easy route- sign up for the classes their friends are taking or whatever catches their eyes first. However, taking the easy route detracts from the opportunity to engage in many of Chaparral’s unique classes. Highlighted below are just a small sample of the amazing and unique classes that students should look into for the coming school year!

    Personal Finance- A great course for students who are interested in learning how to become fiscally responsible for themselves or may want to pursue a career in the field of marketing one day.

    Peer Intern- For students with large hearts and a passion for impacting others lives, this class may be perfect. Once selected after submitting an application and conducting an interview, peer interns get the opportunity to help and empower special needs students everyday. If interested stop by room 214 upper and grab an application.

    Graphic Design- Imagine having the opportunity to use programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign daily. Students enrolled in Graphic Design are granted the opportunity to do that and much and more everyday, while enhancing their technical capabilities and eye for design.

    Jewelry- Instead of buying your jewelry, you could make it by simply enrolling for Jewelry I. The class teaches students how to make great pieces of jewelry and express yourself.

by Megan Mondragon

 Photo by Megan Mondagon

Photo by Megan Mondagon