The rapid consumerist teenager often ponders and even complains as to why they never have any money, as they spend exorbitant amounts of money on eating out and impulse buying.

Of course knowing how to spend your money is a new responsibility when one reaches high school that many don’t realize they have to balance.

A high-schooler sees those dollar bills in their wallet and their eyes glimmer with all of the things they could buy. Soon enough the money disappears and the student questions where all that money goes.

It’s time to learn how to properly conserve your money and consciously spend.

There’s no harm in packing a lunch for the day instead of worrying about going out to lunch, figuring out where you’re going, and then spending ten dollars on that meal. Why stress over going out when bringing food from your house can be so much more efficient? Don’t worry about the social implications of not going out to lunch with your friends. You can bring your packed lunch and eat along with them, at the restaurant or in the car.

Next time you take a trip to the mall or any store, don’t immediately jump to buy the first item that seems ‘appealing’. You don’t need those two hundred dollar shoes. Impulse buying can result in a loss of money and extreme guilt when you later realize that you didn’t actually want that item or over the ridiculous amount of money you spent on something you didn’t need. Instead, keep that item on a list or in your mind for a month or so, and when that month passes, determine if you really need that item or you really want it.

It’s important to know how to spend smartly and conserve your money at a young age, will overall benefit you when you have to pay bills and take care of yourself.

By Ayla Main

 photo by Ayla Main 

photo by Ayla Main