Wear sunscreen.

Your skin is the largest organ on your body. Rightfully so, it deserves a thorough summer care regimen. Be sure to bring along the sunscreen when at the pool or hiking with friends to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. Don’t limit it to just your body, though- moisturize your face twice a day with a facial lotion containing SPF.

Be social.

Summer break brings the wonderful opportunity to not only build on relationships from the school year, but meet new people and expand your social life. Meeting new people is one of the greatest parts of life, so this summer, try and maximize that.  

Travel short or far distances.

Summer adventures don’t have to be across the United States. Although summer is the prime time for a spectacular vacation, traveling a short distance can be just as fun and worthwhile- and much cheaper. Grab some friends, explore the beautiful state we live in, and let the adventure begin.

Take pictures.

Let’s face it, summer is much too short, but a camera and some awesome pictures can make it last much, much longer. A simple digital camera can capture the greatest moments of summer, so don’t miss out on stopping time with a picture.

Eat healthy and exercise.

Whether you’ve been sculpting your summer body for months, or haven’t ate healthy or exercised since Christmas, eating healthy and being active during the summer is imperative. Whether it’s a hike with friends, morning yoga at Red Rocks, or a simple walk with the dogs around the neighborhood, your mind and body will thank you.

Make lifelong memories.

High school should never be the best four years of your life. But, the summers you experience during high school can hold memories with them that last forever. With the tips above put to use, this summer will undoubtedly be your best one yet.


Don’t put yourself in dangerous or uncomfortable situations.

When out and about looking for activities to do to keep you and your friends entertained make sure you stick with your gut feeling. Chances are if you’re feeling off about a party or kickback then you should listen to your gut and steer clear. We can’t say that your gut is always going to be right but at least you’ll feel a whole lot better at the end of the day.

Don’t bail on friends.

If you’ve got plans with friends, don’t bail on them. You’ve got all summer to make new plans and hang out with certain people. But plans are plans and you shouldn’t ruin their night or day because of new plans that came up unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Don’t take summer flings too seriously. (save yourself the heartbreak)

Most of us have been there, done that, but to save yourself the heartbreak remember that not everyone you meet over summer will be there for you next winter. Falling for your summer fling doesn’t always end up in a bath full of tears and 5 tubs of ice cream, but it’s better to keep your guard up for a little longer, because you never know who you might meet next.

Don’t be a couch potato.

There are so many places to go, so many beautiful people to see, get up and go out. Summer is the time of year to go out and hang with friends, get your flirt on, and have the time of your life. How are you going to meet your new best friend sitting on the couch playing X-box with 10 year olds or watching High School Musical Senior year on repeat for the 3rd time? Have some fun and make your summer one to remember.

Don’t put harmful things in your body.

Even though we all aren’t into going to parties you may find yourself in a situation where peer pressure could get you into a situation where you don’t feel comfortable. Make sure to stay true to yourself- it will happen this summer, it will be tempting, but don’t stray from your foundation. There is no other way to put this other than it COULD save your life. It’s okay to adventure and experiment but don’t make choices you’ll regret later.

Don’t forget all the lessons, academic and life, that you learned the previous year.

Summer is about getting a break from all the school related issues, but it might be a good idea to read a few books or look over a few things from the previous school year. Going into the next school year will be more positive and possibly even easier if you don’t forget all the things you learned from Spanish or math and history. It doesn’t sound like fun, we know, but there’s no harm in refreshing your memory. Have a wonderful and eventful summer.

By: Avree Martinez and Erica Grotts