Summer is right around the corner and you don’t want to be that one person who’s stuck in their basement with no tan to show for it. Here are some ways you can stay in heat this season:


‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’

On May 26, the 53-year-old Johnny Depp will once again be headlining the series known for its band of drunken, makeup-wearing pirates and its mostly CGI action. It’s just something about the oddities that fascinate you, and Depp is the perfect face to put on the cover, dreadlocks and all. It’s surely had a big budget in production, and will most likely make as much as any of the top movies once it hits the box office.

'Atomic Blonde’

Coming out on July 28, Charlize Theron will continue her amazing 2017 campaign with what could be another knockout. She’s the female protagonist everyone will want to see, the skilled agent that will literally beat everyone up. Something about bare hands being an action star’s murder weapon of choice makes it better, almost like a choreographed art. This should be one of those spy movies where all the suspense and action keeps you on the edge of your seat for the full two hours.

‘Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol.2’

It’s been in theaters since May 5, and just about everyone has high praises for it. These movies have almost gotten to a Fast and Furious or Star Wars status: that point where they become a widely-accepted franchise with many trilogies to come. They’re just aesthetically beautiful movies: beautiful set, perfect score and music, and the exceptional equilibrium of comedy, drama, and action.


The 1975

As their name suggests, The 1975 is a throwback band that mixes the electropop style of the 70s with the electricity found in modern rock. Not only does the group produce pure pop beats that seem to get anyone dancing, but they are also very particular and clever in how they create music, constantly citing other artists as inspiration, and playing with pitches in their music. For the young and the old, the band delivers in creating nostalgia of the days of classic rock.

Chance the Rapper

“Lil Chano from 79th” in Chicago has brought himself to the top on his own: one of the few top rappers who is not signed to a record label. Rather than the traditional trap style that molds most of the rap industry today, Chance’s upbeat and happy gospel tone is used to show his thanks for the “blessings [that] keep falling in my lap” despite his perilous upbringing in his dangerous neighborhood. The soul that energizes his music is one that has touched the entire globe.


His new playlist “More Life” has already been listened to millions of times. If you don’t know who this talented musician is by now, you’ve probably never surfed the internet. He raps. He sings. He autotunes. And he’s built himself up as a somewhat legitimate actor as well. Is he the most famous Canadian of all time? And by the way, his new album broke the single-day record on Spotify for listens. No matter what music is your type, there’s a decent chance Drake has a song out there for you.



Do you need volunteer hours for graduation, or do you just want a chance to help out in the community? JustServe is an online organization that allows you to easily find charity opportunities by searching for projects in your area. Almost always will you feel better about yourself after you serve, and you can be someone who makes a difference in your town.

Parker Days

This festival has become an event of tradition in our town, and one of the largest tourist attractions in Parker. Food, music, and rides makes it a show that brings out thousands every year. It’s one of the things that define Parker, so you won’t want to miss it.

By: Carson Frost