For some students, it is not until their second year of college that they realize the importance of school. For some, they pushed through four years of high school and figured, “why not? Might as well go to college.” These are the same people that never took a hold of their education. They just thought that all school was was just a long road of busy work. The ones who did the bare minimum. And sometimes, for these people, maybe school was never for them. At a certain point, though, despite the fact that some teachers give their students pointless worksheets and at the time school may seem pointless, it is important to realize the importance in learning and gaining knowledge. These two things are the reasons that many students need to take hold of their education, especially while it is free.

Throughout my entire education, I always knew my responsibility in school. To do my very best and try as hard as possible. And along with those qualities, succeeding in school followed. It was not until my sophomore year of high school that my thinking had quickly changed. I still wanted to succeed in school, but my motivation stemmed from the want to learn and grow in knowledge instead of the grade. This is the same thinking that all students should have. With this thinking, school does not have to be this never ending job of aimless assignments. Once this change in thinking begins, students will be able to clench onto all possible educational opportunities and advantages before possibly going to college and having to pay for the same opportunities.

Through this new thinking, students can find benefits in ‘busy work’, worksheets, group projects, and even tests. Along the way, students may even want to take more honors classes or AP classes, considering the learning benefits increase. Instead of rejecting teachers for what they are trying to get across and teach, students can take every opportunity to better themselves and gain knowledge. Because soon enough, this free, public education can soon turn into way more once high school is over.

By: Ayla Main