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Throughout high school students are taught right from wrong, yet when it comes to their nutrition they lack knowledge of the danger that comes with eating certain foods. It’s one thing to read the label on the back of a soda, it is another thing to comprehend why and how drinking it can affect your body. Nutrition is a key factor in living a healthy lifestyle which is why students should be more educated on how to eat and plan healthier food alternatives. One reason as to why it is hard for most teens to maintain a healthy eating cycle is due to the options offered by the school. There are many students who don’t go outside of school for lunch making the food provided by the school their only options. The cafeteria is filled with greasy pizza and ice cream so while it is not difficult for many to bring your own lunch, the convenience of prepared food is appealing to many. For example, junior student Sarah Mueller explains that she eats “ whatever the lunch ladies are serving”. Packing your own lunch is also an option but with the rigorous amount of homework and after school activities, students might not have the time to prepare their lunches the night before. Studies have shown that a school lunch can be up to  50% of a students daily caloric intake. With that, there is a possibility that due to the common eating habit of most teens, a big portion of that meal can either be unhealthy due to the amount of artificial flavoring or the heavy amounts of added sugars. With that statistic it is no surprise that the obesity rate in teens is increasing by the minute. For many, healthy living is an important necessity in life. Sophomore athlete Jessie Elkins explains that it is important to eat healthy because, “ it doesn’t just keep your energy up it also makes you feel better as a whole, especially if you are athletic." Some tips for a healthy eating routine would be to cut down on saturated fats and sugars. These harmful ingredients are the main reason that a person could crave a donut more often than crave a bowl of broccoli. Another tip to creating a healthy diet would be to base meals solely around starchy carbohydrates. With these simple, and fairly easy tips, making a healthy diet should feel much easier and relaxing. It is important to eat healthy in high school because it teaches students how to make a healthy eating routine, that way in the future when choosing what to eat, picking the healthier option is much easier and feels more natural. Adapting to these healthy eating routines will be hard at the beginning because when students are put in an environment where sugary foods are   widely accessible there is a constant longing for junk food but with strength and self-reliance this routine will soon become easier.

Story by Jade Gurule