As the end of year approaches, seniors are heading off to college. They have made the final and life changing choice. Juniors are headed into their senior year, soon they’ll have to start thinking about their future. There should be several things that go into picking the perfect college, since you’re spending four more years living there and spending your money there; picking where you go to college is a big deal. There are several tips that you may want to remember when picking the perfect college for you. Start touring colleges depending where you plan to go to school so if you plan to stay in Colorado look instate but if not, take a trip out, take a tour and explore the surrounding area. Ask yourself if you can see yourself in that area for four years, do they have activities that you enjoy, and do you enjoy the community. Start the tours during summer so you have free time, taking a tour can help you pick out colleges depending on the campus and other determining factors. As well when you tour when it comes to applying to college, college admissions can see that you are very interested and have already taken a tour. When taking a tour, make sure you create questions to ask while on the tour. You can use the list of questions created by the National Survey for Student Engagement. After you have seen what the campus looks like as well as asking questions while touring, then you can factor in other elements. Asking yourself how close you want to be to family, can you survive if they’re 10 hours away or maybe they need to be closer. Then from there, look at extracurriculars activities at the school. If you want greek life, make sure you look where that will be provided. While deciding these factors, don’t rush to make a final decision. Since the decision is a very major choice with quite a large price tag, it should take some time. When picking a colleges, don’t eliminate any colleges from your list just because of its price tag. You can use a college’s net price calculator to get an estimate of it’s what it will cost you to go there. Also remember that there are many scholarships for each individual, loans and possible grants. The price tag should not be the reason, you did not attend your dream school. Finally, trust you gut when deciding on which college will be right for you. Don’t follow friends or significant others, just to stay close to them. Remember that college is supposed to push you of your box, creating new memories and meeting new people is all part of the experience. Don’t let your parents push you into a college unless you agree that it fits you, just because they attended there and loved it; doesn’t mean you will be in the best place for your education. Making the final decision is harder than you would expect, so take into account some tips that will help you to decide.

Story by Devon Williams