Chaparral athletes dedicate countless hours during the off season to transitioning new skills into the regular season. Time is of the essence when attempting to improve the mind and body to surpass goals set based off of past achievements. Many Chaparral athletes are trying to break barriers by putting in the work that goes unseen.

“I believe that there is always someone out there training to take your spot, so I try to improve my game any chance I get,” said senior Alec Ackerman.

    Each athlete trains in a workout style that will help them succeed individually. Track athlete Tad Trimarco trains by running, lifting, and core six times a week, and swimming twice a week. Tennis athlete Gabby Garcia trains by participating in private lessons and winter league. Lacrosse athlete Trevor Orndoff trains by weight lifting, practice during the week, and participates in games on the weekend (as well as playing club lacrosse throughout the year).

    “It’s important to always be training because you want to be able to keep your fitness and skills up. If you take too long of a break you could lose ability to perform to your full potential,” said senior Malak Rafik.

    The off season creates the foundation of a successful start of a new season. Chaparral athletes continue to push the limits to maintain greatness and strive for more success. As the off season progresses athletes gain more experience to become valued athlete. The result: a notable performance worth talking about.

Story by:Olivia Goodman

 photo by Olivia Goodman 

photo by Olivia Goodman