The sun rises in Parker, Colorado on a chilly fall morning at approximately 6:35 AM. Though it is seemingly just another morning before the school day at Chaparral High, this day is not typical for a select few. Senior Dylan Cann wakes up once a week on this day with a certain excitement, a certain buzz. It’s a normal Tuesday morning to everyone else, but to Cann, it is anything but. It’s the morning of the weekly Ultimate Frisbee meet, and he couldn’t be more excited.


To Cann, Ultimate Frisbee is not a simple hobby nor afternoon pastime. To him, it is a way of life, and he welcomes the Tuesday meet ahead of him, since he is, of course, an elite athlete, alongside the other athletic gems framed on the painted walls of the hallway. As a serious Ultimate Frisbee competitor, no day goes by as a normal one, and it seems as if every waking second is dedicated to the grind.  “My typical day consists of imagining the field I will be playing on the next Tuesday, dreaming of the nice weather that will be happening, looking back on good times with my teammates, and looking forward to good memories we will make on the field,” states Cann.


But, contrary to popular belief, Ultimate Frisbee requires a focused work rate and unparalleled dedication to the game. “Hydration is key the day of a big Ultimate Frisbee meetup, but also, you have to mentally prepare for this kind of thing, keep your nerves down, keep calm, and being confident is what it comes down to when you have the disc in your hand,” he remarks. Cann spends every Tuesday afternoon with that familiar disc in his hand, bearing the elements, building the camaraderie between him and his teammates, enjoying each time as if it were his last.


In saying that, so many hours on the grind has had a profound effect on Cann, and he relates it to a life-changing event.  “Before Ultimate Frisbee, I was just another shallow high school student, but after that first Tuesday I knew I had found my path in life. I will now carry a disc wherever I go because the sport has changed who I am as a person,” explains Cann.


Cann welcomes all of Chaparral to take part in this life-changing, infinitely-fun event. “I want everyone to know that Ultimate Frisbee is the coolest sport at Chaparral, and I say that with confidence. I think everybody should try it,” said Cann. So next time you are bored on a Tuesday afternoon, head out to Stonegate Park- it might just change your life.

By: Avree Martinez

 Photo by: Ayla Main

Photo by: Ayla Main