The Crosstown Throwdown,’ Legend vs Chaparral. Almost every time Legend comes to Chaparral, the fans are intense and the players are putting everything on the line to own the town. It is an opportunity to add entertainment to the school rivalry: “The whole idea started with some coaches between Legend and us trying to start the year off with some good excitement and get the season kicked off with a lot of energy in the building and with the students,” said Rob Johnson, Chaparral’s athletic director. The showdown includes a showcase of talent from student-athletes and staff members, and their very own unified teams as well. Not only does it highlight the ability of the teams, it gives them the chance to show off what they're bringing to the upcoming season. This year’s Crosstown did just that.

The Throwdown started off with the Unified Basketball game. Although Legend took the ‘W,’ or win, for that game, both teams did amazingly well. They showed up and inspired the crowd by playing with positive attitudes, not determined to let up or give up.

With teachers and select students, each team brought the heat every second of the game. Next up was the three point contest: A challenge to determine the most accurate and consistent shooters in the two Parker schools. Senior Walker Martin came out scorching, but Legend junior Dayne Pyfer stole the show. All of the athletes that competed did well.

Last but not least before the main event/ throwdown was the dunk contest. Most people can’t even dunk, but these high flyers matched up in the battle of creativity, flash, and flare. From the beginning, it was apparent that sophomore Joseph Dalton came prepared.   Multiple perfect scores of 50 secured the victory and the crowd was amazed at the 10th grader’s athleticism.

It is assumed at first that the staff game will be slow with inexperienced teachers trying to score even one basket, but this game was far from that expectation. As government teacher Ryan Finnefrock predicted: “There will be a plethora of talented individuals playing tonight... If everything goes as planned, hopefully chap will come out on top.” As both teams featured multiple former high school, college, and professional players, the level of play was at its peak. Lead by head varsity coach Tellus Truesdale’s deep shooting, assistant coach and former professional player Nate Rohnert’s shot creating, and Finnefrock’s energy, Chap secured the win.

Crosstown Throwdown is a great way to get athletes, students, and staff involved to prepare for the upcoming season that doesn't start too long afterwards. “Many of the Chaparral and Legend fans come out for the rivalry games, and this is an opportunity before the season to have a little fun,” said Johnson. This was a great show out for both schools at Chaparral, and both sides of the rivalry got a taste of what’s to come in the big game.

by Carson Frost,Erika Grotts, Chloe Heffernan

 Photo by Carson Frost

Photo by Carson Frost