Chaparral Girls Basketball fight to defeat hometown rival, Legend. Final score 52-32. Photo by Nira Avari

Chaparral Girls Basketball fight to defeat hometown rival, Legend. Final score 52-32. Photo by Nira Avari

     On Feb. 19, 2016 the annual Pride of Parker basketball game took place here at Chaparral High School. Girl’s Varsity came out with a hefty victory; however, the Boy’s Varsity ended with a close defeat.

     Both sections filled up early in the afternoon-- as early as 3 o’clock, to see Chaparral’s Boy’s Junior Varsity control and conquer their match-up. A sea of red on the east side of the gym marked Chaparral’s fan territory. Swarms of white (or blue?) filled the west stands as Legend’s fans shuffled in.

     The girls tipped off at 5:30. Four quarters of unending and relentless battle earned the Lady Wolverines a 52-32, a 20 point, victory. Chaparral has yet to declare a player of the game for this match, but the statistics make it apparent that the senior girls stepped up their game for their final face against Legend. Senior Rachel Nelson and senior Margaux Bess topped the board as the highest scorers this game with 15 and 12 points, respectively. Bess topped the two-pointer shots (4), rebounds (6), and free throw points (4) with 100% free throw percentage. Nelson and her twin, senior Erin Nelson, both pulled out three successful three-pointers. Collectively, the girls put forth an obvious effort to earn Parker’s Pride.

     The boys tipped off at 7 o’clock; Chaparral identified as the underdog in this match-up. Still, Legend came to play. The first play of the game, Legend senior Monroe Porter won the tip off, passed to senior Danny Garrick, who dunked to put up the first points of the game. The Wolverines, however, were not intimidated nor put down by this start. Having held a, surprisingly, relatively close point difference the entire game, Chaparral battled all four quarters refusing to give Legend an easy victory. As the statistics show, Legend’s biggest difficulty was in stopping Chaparral’s senior Dominic Coleman. Coleman led Chaparral in points with 23 total points. He scored the most two-pointers (7 out of 16 attempts), and made the most three throws (6) with 100% accuracy. He was the second leader in rebounds, one of two players who made a three-pointer this game (the other being freshman Joseph Dalton), and had the only block of the game. While Coleman obviously performed well, the team would not have given such surprising results without the collective effort and talent of the whole squad.

     Regardless of the overall results from the all matches from both genders and all levels, the most important fact is this: Chaparral’s crowd did not take off their shirts in front of an entire crowd of parents, children and students. Legend, on the other hand, did. Maybe the Wolverines didn’t unanimously win Parker’s pride, but at least they kept their clothes on.

By Kendall Graham