The Chaparral Wolverines are finally back on the football field. Thursday September 1st, the Wolverines kicked their season off with an away game against the Grandview Wolves. On the football field, senior quarterback Taden Blaise, showed that he was pumped and ready to lead his team to victory, but the Grandview Wolves had a different plan.

With aggressive tackles made by junior Jacob Stanton and catches by junior Alec Horn that left the crowd speechless, the team was off to a great start. From pumping up the fans in the stands, to motivating his guys on the field, Blaise filled the quarterback role effortlessly. Within the first quarter, the Wolverines had a seven to zero lead, and the momentum was building. Chaparral continued to battle, and push against Grandview’s tough defense, but ultimately they scored enough to tie up the game. After four tough quarters, the Wolverines came up short, losing seven to thirty.

Although Chaparral had a tough first loss, the Chaparral Family felt optimistic towards the rest of the football season. The Wolverines have dedicated this weeks practice to learning from this game, learning new techniques, and how to perfect the errors in their plays.

By Mckenna Webb.


 Legend vs Grandview  Photo by Mckenna Webb

Legend vs Grandview

Photo by Mckenna Webb