Chaparrals Varsity golf, 6 boys, a max of 14 clubs, and 9 tournaments this year. One goal, to make it to the 5A State Tournament at the end of September.

Chaparrals Varsity and Junior Varsity golf teams have a tournament once every week starting since the beginning of August. “We practice 3 times a week and have a tournament one day and then we have Fridays off,” said senior Nichols Neff.

Golf is a complex sport and it challenges players in different ways, mentally and physically, depending on the course they play and who against. “The tournaments are really fun because you get to play with kids from other schools and also play some really cool courses around the area,” said sophomore Tyler Mulligan. Like any other sport, golf is competitive and you have to work hard to earn a spot on Chaparral’s team.

“My main goal for this year is to make state again and get continental league honors. To do that I am going to really have to focus on my game and keep improving,” said Mulligan. During tournaments the coaches watch and cheer on their players. As tournaments fall on days of school the players must be prepared for the work when they come back. “Yes it is hard to miss school for golf but communicating with your teachers makes it easier,” said Neff. The Chaparrals Varsity golf season is in full swing.

By Erika Grotts

 photo by Brittany Berrum.

photo by Brittany Berrum.