On the night of January 6th, fans crowded the stands of Chaparral’s gymnasium not only to cheer on the Boys’ Basketball team as they took on the East High School Angels, but to join in the commemoration of the 2012 State Champion Basketball Team. Team members and coaches, as well as their families, came together to relive old memories and celebrate the fifth anniversary of their impressive state championship season. Thanks to Kevin Keyser, everyone was able to enjoy a video compilation including season highlights, as well as the team’s exhilarating championship run. The video included the intense final minutes of the State Championship game, where both Cory Calvert and Josh Adams came up with major plays that won the game for the Wolverines. Former Coach and current Athletic Director, Rob Johnson, then proceeded to introduce each player- touching on each of their accomplishments both at Chaparral and after graduation. Johnson beamed as he spoke of the team’s qualities--their will to win and their determination. Key player Josh Adams explained that “it incredible to see all the guys” and went on to describe how it felt like they hadn’t missed a beat. The guys remembered the bonds they made at Chaparral as they laughed and enjoyed themselves, reflecting on the memories they made as high school athletes. To close off the ceremony, Mr. Johnson presented Calvert and Adams with their honorary jerseys that will be hung up in Chaparral for years to come.


Looking back, there’s no denying that the talent of this basketball team was plentiful. The team went 25-3 overall, and 10-1 in league. Six roster members moved on to play collegiately, three of them attending division 1 schools. Adams, who scored 503 points his senior year, played another four years at the University of Wyoming, and four very notable years at that. He is now a promising prospect for the professional level. Calvert scored 513 points total as a senior before moving on to play at Brigham Young University. He is currently continuing his basketball career at Utah Valley University. Brandon Malone, who started as a sophomore, is currently playing for the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs along with Chris Moody, who was a freshman at the time of the championship. Jake Holtzmann, who was also freshman the year the team came to glory, went on to play three more stand-out seasons as a Wolverine before continuing at the University of Denver.


by Sydney Mullen
 Photos by Sydney Mullen

Photos by Sydney Mullen