As early as middle school, future wolverines know of their soon-to-be rivals, Legend High School. The rivalry between Chaparral and Legend reached an apex on Friday, February 10th at the annual basketball game.

The Chaparral Varsity Boys basketball team didn't blow away their sworn “frenemies,” but they did end up on top. Freshman Kobe Sanders said, “just keep playing and believing” when the game got tough. Chaparral and Legend fought hard for the win, the lead bouncing back and forth between the two schools. After the second half Chaparral was playing noticeably harder than before. Whatever Coach Truesdale said to the team during halftime really motivated the boys. “During the game I felt excited but I was locked in on beating Legend,” said sophomore and team captain, Ronnie DeGray. While the game progressed there were wild chants and supportive cheers from both the student and parent section for each school. There were some tough plays that made the game even more nerve-racking. The fact that this was a rivalry game made it all the more important to each school. Coming out on top with a win for Chaparral was a great triumph.

Ending the long and nerve racking game with a Chaparral win 50-45, half of the gym roared with excitement and the other half remained quiet and disappointed. The attitudes of the game shifted throughout each quarter but for the community and Town of Parker, the game was a great way to get the two schools together.

By Erica Grotts 

 by Erica Grotts

by Erica Grotts