Every year the Chaparral Baseball Team gets a chance to show their skills at Coors Field.  This year on March 16, the team took a day trip to the field to play Arapahoe High School and also got to explore the stadium in the meantime. Senior Andrew Psaltis said that “we get to the field, go in the players entrance, then get to change into uniforms in the clubhouse (locker rooms) before the game. The day consists of warming up at Chap’s field to play the game and then going to the stadium.”

The Wolverines started off the game strong with a triple from senior Alec Ackerman. As the game continued, Chaparral had a lead of 3-1 against Arapahoe. Sophomore Bryce Matthews hit a ball past the center fielder for another triple. Shortly after, Arapahoe battled back to score 3 runs in the 6th inning. The game was finished with a lost to the Warriors 4-3.

Even though it was a tough lost, playing at Coors Field is a once in a lifetime chance. Psaltis commented that “my favorite part is getting the chance to stand in the same batter’s box as some of the best players in the world.” The team is preparing to train hard and show what they got as they head down to Arizona for Spring Break.

By Amanda Lehman

 Photo by Mckenna Webb

Photo by Mckenna Webb